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Apparel Liquidators Services
If you prefer to quickly liquidate your inventory for a lump sum cash price, we may desire to purchase your inventory at an agreed upon price. This bulk service resembles more of a traditional approach to purchasing. We are also experts in logistics and can assist in relocating the inventory to one of our warehouses, or even drop-ship the inventory to one of the buyers in our vast database.
Apparel Liquidators offers three distinct service models listed below, depending on your specific liquidation requirements. The underlying success of our business is driven by our proprietary extensive network of commercial and consumer buyers for fashion related products. Our multi-channel strategic approach to liquidation includes B2B channels, such as off-price retail chains, wholesalers, powersellers, and exporters. For our clients with consumer product returns, our Business-to-Consumer (B2C) liquidation service includes a network of online stores and auctions that reaches 40,000 direct consumers.
The third service is called Liquidation Management, where we partner with you to strategically manage the complete end-to-end liquidation of your inventory across our network of online and offline volume commercial buyers, all on a revenue share basis. This unique liquidation partnership model traditionally results in recovery values that are higher than the Product Acquisition model, while still expanding your brand and minimizing channel conflict.
The first service is called Returns Management, where we maximize the values for your customer product returns by selling directly to consumers online. We provide an efficient on-ramp to the internet for liquidating product returns to our consumer channels, consisting of more than 40,000 buyers. Due to our strategic partnership with Phoenix Trading Co., ​this turnkey revenue share service includes warehouse storage, fulfillment, marketing, payment processing, and customer service. Now you can discretely maximize the recovery revenues for product returns, while increasing market share through our direct consumer channels for your products, all while avoiding channel conflict.